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"If you are interested in a career in pharmaceutical sales, Tom Ruff is the ideal advisor."
Lindsey Pollak, Author, "Getting from College to Career: 90 Things to Do Before You Join the Real World"

"When Tom Ruff talks about the pharmaceutical sales profession, you stop and listen. Mr. Ruff grabs your attention, voicing his passion and expertise in conversation!"
Shelley Irwin, National Public Radio (NPR)

“Tom Ruff has created a no-nonsense guide for people who want a career in pharmaceutical sales. Serious candidates who possess the requisite skills and follow Tom’s advice won’t fail to stand out from the pack.”
Bob Black, President (Retired), AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

“When Tom says, “I’m going to tell you what to do” – listen. His advice in How to Break Into Pharmaceutical Sales is incredibly on target. Tom was my number one recruiter. I hired ten times as many of Tom’s applicants than I did from any other recruiter.”
Herb Taylor, Staffing Manager (Retired), Pharmacia (now Pfizer Pharmaceutical), overseeing a staff of 600

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"With Tom Ruff, the glass of opportunity is never half-full. It's always brimming over. So if you're interested in sales, this step-by-step book will help you channel your energies to succeed. Not just in selling a product, but in selling yourself." John Pollack, former Presidential speechwriter and author of Cork Boat

"This is a great book. Tom Ruff knows better than anyone how to prepare you to break into this challenging field. Follow his directions in this book, and you will blow your competition away."
Ken MacDonald, Regional Sales Manager (Retired), Abbott Laboratories

"With honest advice, practical research exercises and document-ready job search tools, Tom's book will provide you with everything you need to walk into your first interview with absolute confidence. Having worked with Tom for 10 years, I can vouch for the fact that his candidates are always prepared."
Betty Kuhn, Regional Sales Director and 15-year veteran at one of the world's
largest pharmaceutical companies

"Without a proper roadmap, a candidate can waste years of searching for work in this competitive industry. Tom Ruff has provided such a roadmap: succinct, informative, practical. It should be required reading for anybody seeking a position in pharmaceutical sales."
Michael Olson, President, Highland Search Executive Recruiting

TESTIMONIALS - What Job Seekers Are Saying

I definitely recommend How to Break into Pharmaceutical Sales for those trying to break into the industry. It became my bible in the job search. A few months after reading the book, I received a job offer from Bristol-Myers Squibb!
Kimberly Hoffman, Chicago, Illinois

This is the best book on the topic. I’ve read Anne Clayton’s book. It was recommended to me as one of the best resources in the field. But I think Ruff’s book is even better! It has great hands-on tips, lots of data and statistics about the field, excellent direct feedback from people working in the field, is easy to read and scan through, and is super-motivational.
Kerry Newman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I read this book and it worked! I accepted an offer from Roche Pharmaceuticals this morning! I really think that the advice offered is what put me ahead of the other candidates. I can’t stress enough how much I loved the book.
Tiffany Austin, Monroe, North Carolina

This book is a must-have for anyone trying to enter the pharmaceutical sales field, especially for someone who has no outside sales experience. It lays out exactly what must be done to make yourself stand out. I would recommend reading How to Break Into Pharmaceutical Sales before going any further in your pursuit of a pharmaceutical sales career. I feel that anyone who reads this book and follows Tom’s advice closely will be able to land the job they desire.
Jamie Eshleman, Santa Rosa, California

One of the deciding factors in choosing me as their candidate was that I ‘closed the deal,’ a technique that was emphasized in Tom Ruff’s book. They told me that I was the only candidate that actually asked for the job.
Patti Purser, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

This book completely changed the way I'm approaching a career in pharmaceutical sales. I have a panel interview coming up next week with a very well known pharmaceutical company and have been extremely nervous, but your tips (especially the panel interview section) helped give me the confidence I need to go into that interview and make sure I nail it.
Emily Regensburg, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Tom covers everything about what to expect, what to know and how to research and prepare, right down to the last detail! After reading it, I cannot imagine how anyone could compete in the interviewing process without knowing and doing these things.
Becky Garza, Napa, California

I have been pursuing a job in pharmaceutical sales since June 07 with no results. I purchased your book in March 08 - Read it over and over again. I followed each and everyone of your tips. I had several interviews and received an offer to work as a pharmaceutical sales representative last week. I thank you for all of your tips and advice!!!
PS: I think what knocked their socks off was the typed notes from the ride along.

My name is Claire and I am a graduating senior at the University of Maryland. After two and a half months of six rounds of interviews with a top pharmaceutical company, I landed my first job as a rep!!! I could not have done this without the advice from your book! Along every step of the interview process, people were so impressed by my knowledge of the industry and my professionalism. I owe so much of this to your advice, and hope others that want to break into the industry are lucky enough to pick up your book. Thank you again.
Sincerely, Claire

If you are even remotely thinking of breaking into the pharmaceutical or medical sales industry - BUY THIS BOOK!! Because of this book I just got hired with Johnson & Johnson as a pharmaceutical sales rep. I had no prior experience in this industry and I beat out 3 other qualified candidates because I followed Tom's advice to a T.
I highly recommend this book if you are seeking a job in the pharma or medical sales industry. It is an extremely difficult task to get hired in this industry but once you do you will be so proud of yourself and on your way to a fulfilling life-long career.
Bonnie Killion

1. I was confident and trusted in you. Your writing reflects that you are successful, confident, knowledgeable and experienced at what you do and about the information presented. This book is not only motivating and informative in the business sense but also for life in general.
2. The information presented is straightforward, practical and user-friendly. You are generous in the giving away of your tools. I feel I am able to take many of your tips and techniques and apply them straight away.
3. This book got me fired up! You don't dance around the subject, you say it straight up in a positive manner which creates a feeling of excitement about taking on the challenge and doing it well.
Thank you, Cindy

This is the best book on the topic. I've read Anne Clayton's book, it was recommended to me as one of the best resources in the field, but I think Ruff's book is even better! It has great hands-on tips, lots of data and statistics about the field, excellent direct feedback from people working in the field, is easy to read and scan through, and is super-motivational. Ruff covers all of the elements someone looking to get into the field needs to know about. It's inspiring to read!
K. Newman

Dear Tom,
I don't even know how to truly to thank you. I read your book "How to Break Into Pharmaceutical Sales" cover to cover two times in nine days. Where do I begin.... About two weeks ago, a family member of mine casually told me about an opening that inVentiv had for Mission Pharmacal. I researched the company and decided to forward my resume on to the inVentiv recruiter with a short, to the point email. As luck may have it, he emailed me and scheduled a phone interview that would take place 4 days later. Then, panic started to sink in! I was a total rookie. I had zero outside sales experience and had been an elementary teacher for the last six years. I immediately traveled to the Orange County (Florida) Public Library and like angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus...there was your book. I checked it out and began diving in at once. The ONLY thing I had at that point was a stellar resume that I had worked very diligently on about six months earlier. So, here I was, starting from scratch. I used MANY ideas from your book...from the ride along to the AMAZING ideas for a brag book. I spent the next 4 days totally preparing for the phone interview. And, just as you said I stood up and walked. Yes, I did feel like I had more energy! The gentleman that I spoke with said that he felt that I would be a good candidate to pass along to the hiring managers from Mission Pharmacal. Mission called me a couple of days later and did their own phone interview. Again, I felt 100% prepared because of the amount of research I had done and the sample questions that you forewarned me of in your book. They were impressed and asked me to meet for a face-to-face interview 6 days later.

Now, I really had my work cut out for me. I followed nearly every single tip from your book as best as I possible could...right down to my attire. Because I felt so prepared, I didn't feel pressure. I loved the quote from Tony LaRussa that states; "Pressure comes when someone calls on you to perform a task for which you are not prepared." Within 40 minutes of me leaving that interview...I got a call from the hiring manager. At that point, he informed me that I was the last of nine interviews that day. Furthermore, I was the only not only without Pharma experience but also without outside, business-to-business experience. However, he said that I blew them away. I was invited back along with two others for a second face-to-face interview on the following day. Again, I studied your book for many hours that evening and again the following day. As a result, I felt that I wasn't entering into the "unknown". You did such an amazing job at outlining what to expect that it was as if you were reporting on my exact interview. After the second interview and within four days I was called and offered the position. I am here to say that if you have the drive, willingness to do the hard work necessary to prepare, and the belief that you can achieve greatness, NOTHING can detour you off your course to make your dream a reality. Thank you for the amazing effort to help people like me and thank you for helping me realize my dream. I am so proud to say that I am a Pharmaceutical Rep!!!!!!

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